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June 11, 2007: Webstar has run as web server software flawlessly since 1994 on most of the original MBCF web sites. But time to move on. This web site is now run on Abyss 2.4 from Aprelium Technologies. The operating system has been upgraded to Macintosh OS X 10.4.9. An elderly Apple G4 is currently being used for hardware publishing the main MBCF portal. Why am I not using the built in Apache software that comes with every Apple Computer? Simplicity of changing settings. I can allow or deny sets of IP addresses to different directories very easily. I need some files to be only seen by on campus researchers. Or the reverse. This is very simple to set up.

Overall, the Abyss 2.4 page loads are now blindingly fast.


Historical chronology below:

Sept 29, 2006 UPDATE: A lot of changes over the past few years. The MBCF web sites are now a mixture of computers. Macintosh G5's handle the MBCF LIMS system (Click the Fish) while G4's handle most of the older HTML pages and forms. Protein Prospector still runs on a PC and some FTP services run on an older Macintosh 1U server. This page still runs on a G4 running Macintosh OS 9.04.

9/21/01 UPDATE: Website is now run on a Macintosh PowerPC G4, 867 MHz. Webstar 4.4 Server Suite. NetCloak Pro for forms submission.

3/7/98 to 9/21/01
The computer is an Apple Macintosh WorkGroup Server PPC 604e, 350 Mhz running MacOS System 8.1. 64 meg memory, two drives set up with RAID. From 1995 until March 1998 the computer was an Apple Macintosh Quadra 800 running MacOS System 7.5.1. The Quadra was up to the task but I wanted to run FTP and Appleshare from the same server so we beefed it up. Depending on where you are in the site you might be served off to some 12 year old MacIIci's. That's why I like Apple Macintosh. My five year old Wintel machines are doorstops while my 12 year old Macs are still collecting data.

Data resides on a 400GB disk array in a Raidzone appliance. Consensys Corp. puts these boxes together. An outrageously cheap way to make some universal disk storage.

Mass Spectrometry databases are installed and served from Compaq Proliant 2500 Windows NT 4.0 Servers.

Apple Computer
Apple Computer

The software that runs the site is Webstar 3.0 and Webstar Server Suite 4.0 from StarNine Technologies. 1,500 hits a day and it hasn't hiccuped yet. The software that serves up the forms is Netforms 2.0 from Maxum. This takes the oligonucleotide orders that come in during the day and writes to one file. This file is downloaded to the Applied BioSystems model 3948 at least once a day.

StarNine TechnologiesMaxum Development

The text editor I use to write HTML for the site is BBedit 4.5 to 6.5 from Bare Bones Software Inc.. Simple and extremely fast for making global changes in all the pages. This software has a lot of other uses in the lab. With this I'm no longer jealous of GREP on the Unix side. I can add, change, delete or find anything on any drive in the lab as many times as I want with one button click. If you deal with DNA or protein sequence you should get this program. You can do a lot of strange things with a file that has the complete 12.5 million bases of yeast genome or the 4.6 million bases of e. coli genome in it. (Including the 4,285 ORF's).

Bare Bones Software Inc.

Oligo Calculator was written in Javascript by Eugen Buehler in the Research Support Facilities, Department of Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. This excellent example of Javascript is freeware that has multiple copies proliferating over the Internet. I sent Eugen $50.00 as a small encouragement to write more script like this.


You might find as you access this site from different locations that access to certain information will appear or disappear. It is helpful to have some information only seen from within the Institute, the Harvard Medical School Area or only from outside this area. If you find access is denied to information you need just e-mail me and I will change the access. Send the IP address of your computer if you know what that is.(Find it in control panel "MacTCP" or "TCP/IP" if you're on a Macintosh).


The MBCF is partially subsidized by two National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants which fund research programs for AIDS and Cancer research. The two DFCI wide project grants are:

NIH Project Number: 5 P30 CA06516-36 The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is an independent teaching affiliate of the Harvard Medical School and supports a federally-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center. The MBCF enjoyed this subsidy from 7/1/1986 to 7/1/1999 at which time the MBCF is no longer a member of the Comprensive Cancer Center Grant. (This grant became a Harvard-wide grant on 7/1/1999.)

NIH Project Number: 5 P30 AI28691-10 The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Center for AIDS Research (CFAR), established in 1989 as part of the Institute's commitment to develop a major research program in AIDS.


Prestigious awards the MBCF site has garnered:


This site is proud to be listed as a "Cool Science Site" by the Murray Middle School of Murray Kentucky.


This site has signed the "No Dancing Baloney Filling Up Bandwidth" pledge. I also pledge not to add Java language or Javascript unless necessary. You don't need to have me slow the page loading so you can know what time it is. (Mr. Natural says, "use the right tool for the job".) Your watch on your wrist should have the correct time. If you need to see a spinning DNA helix to understand molecular biology you are at the wrong site.


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