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OD of 1 is equal to nanoMolar (pmol/ml).

The MBCF Oligo Calculator can also be found on the MBCF LIMS system on the current oligo ordering page. (Click the Fish.)

We like to make oligos but if you need another source check the MBCF list of commmercial oligo sources

A Useful Hint From Bharat Patel's Laboratory

The OligoCalculator calculates Tm based on 0.195M monovalent cation (salt) concentration equal to 1x SSC. For calculating Tm values of oligonucleotides (10 to 50) at different monovalent cation concentrations, the formula given below is used. Using the Oligocalculator and the formula, you can calculate the Tm of your favourite oligonucleotide amplification primers eg in the Promega PCR buffer (which contains 0.05M monovalent cations) or the Tm of your DIG-labelled oligonucleotide probes which are usually used with 0.975M monovalent cations (5x SSC).

Required Tm= Known Tm + 16.6log (required salt concentration / 0.195M), where the Known Tm is calculated from 0.195M using the OligoCalculator.

OligoCalculator was written in Javascript by Eugen Buehler

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