Illumina MiSeq Next Gen Sequencing
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  • Nextera Library Sample Prep
  • Indexing
  • Paired End Reads 2x150 soon to be 2x250
  • 6-9 million reads soon to be 15-19 million reads
  • Some limited help on Bioinformatics, don't worry, you can handle it
  • Same day data delivery. Yes, drop sample off on Tuesday, you get the data same day


Mass Spectrometry
  • In gel protein digests and analysis
  • Elucidation of post translational modifications
  • Analyze your HPLC or FPLC fractions, 100 at a time
  • Current database digested and analyzed with fragment data
  • Researchers are encouraged to learn how to use the instruments and analyze the data
  • Large increase in instrumentation and protocols


Automated DNA Sequencing

Peptide Synthesis


Protein Sequencing
  • Westerns
  • Protein digests and HPLC peptide mapping
  • Current database searches


BIAcore AB protein ligand assays


Some of these services can only be offered to researchers currently at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. DNA synthesis is worldwide. Come in now and you might be oligo number 70,000 (70,000 x 26.2 average length = more than 1.8 million nucleotides synthesized).

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