What's Your Gripe?

Every Friday at 3:00 PM
Fourth Floor Conference Room
North Campus 21-27 Burlington Avenue

Is there a service you want us to do that we aren't doing now? Are we doing something now that you think we shouldn't do? Is there a change to an existing service that would help you out? Now's your chance. Every week you can come tell us what we are doing wrong. Bring your friends and gang up on us. If nobody wants to complain we can have a Sequencher 4.1 tutorial instead.

If you're really ticked you can send an anonymous gripe to MBCF Comments. You can also send in your suggestion for a topic of a more formal presentation.

Stop on by, we always have free coffee and might even have cookies. You don't have to gripe. Come with your questions.

By reading this web site researchers at the institute can find out what goes on at the MBCF. But we would also like to know what you are doing. In 1997 we started inviting researchers from labs that are using us in their projects to speak at the MBCF lab meetings. This way we get to know why you are so anxious to get your data. We might even get excited about your project and work even longer hours. Or we may find an easier way to interact with your research. So if you would like to present in an informal way how the MBCF is being used in your project please e-mail me. Our lab meetings are at 2:00 PM on Thursdays but we can also use the Friday at 3:00PM gripe session.

We are not that far away. A fifteen minute walk or a short shuttle ride that leaves twice an hour. .

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