Where can I get the oligonucleotide if the
MBCF DNA Synthesizers are busted?

We hope the MBCF at DFCI will meet your needs for fast, pure oligos. We do want to make sure you know what other sources are available so we have listed company name and phone number of commercial oligo sources. If you have used these sources and want to comment on their reliability or price please send us a comment here.

Commercial companies: If your phone number is wrong or you want to be listed (or delisted) here with web site, please send us the information.

last update: 01/19/2006

Company with Web Site Link if available Phone number
Alpha DNA 800-511-3654 fax
Amitof 800-526-4863
BioCorp Inc. 514-344-7264
Biosearch Technologies, Inc. 800-436-6631
BioServe Biotechnologies, Ltd. 800-405-3362
Bio-Synthesis 800-227-0627
Bioscience 800-597-8509 fax
Chemgenes 800-762-9323
Clontech 800-662-2566
Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc. 800-735-9224
Dharmacon Research, Inc 800-235-9880 Best RNA
DNA International 800-544-4012
Eppendorf Scientific 800-421-9988
GenBase 619-453-8879
Gene Link 800-436-3546
Genemed 800-344-5337
General Synthesis 800-465-4362 fax
Genosys Biotechnologies, Inc. 800-234-5362
GeneScript 732-357-3839
Genset Corp. 800-995-0308
Great American Gene Co. 800-816-5517 fax
Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. 800-328-2661
Keystone Laboratories 800-788-4362
Life Technologies, Inc. 800-828-6686
Lofstrand Laboratories 800-541-0362
Metabion 49-89-899-363-0
Midland Certified Reagent Company 800-247-8766
Molecular Biology Core Facilities at
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School
617-632-3082 Best DNA
National Biosciences 800-747-4362
MWG Biotech 603-882-7344
New England Biolabs 800-632-5227
Ocimum Biosolutions LLC 317-228-0600
Oligos, Etc. 800-888-2358
Operon Technologies 800-688-2248
Peninsula Laboratories 800-845-2230
Peptidogenic Research and Co. 800-597-7873
Promega 800-832-6362
PrimeSyn Lab Inc 877-PRIME-03
Promega 800-832-6362
Ransom Hill Bioscience 800-597-8509 fax
Retrogen 619-586-7918
Scandinavian Gene Synthesis 46-221-14899 fax
SYNTHEGEN 800-949-8903
Synthetic Genetics 800-562-5544
Universal DNA 800-768-8744 fax

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