How do I get a free oligo?

There are now two ways to get free oligos.

1) If you are inside DFCI, order DNA sequencing services with custom primers. All oligos used in our DNA sequencing lab for inside DFCI researchers are now free.
2) Follow the steps below for an even more painless way to get free oligos.


dot Step 1: Print this form.

dot Step 2: Call the Recruitment Staff, Kraft Family Blood Donor Center at 617-632-3660.

dot Step 3: Make an appointment to give platelets.

dot Step 4: Go to the first floor of the Jimmy Fund Building and select a movie.

dot Step 5: Watch movie, give platelets.

dot Step 6: Eat cookies, feel altruistic.

dot Step 6: Fill out the rest of this form.



  ___________________________________________________ was a real trooper and gave platelets.


  Signature of Kraft Staff: _________________________________________ Date: ___/_____/____



dot Step 7: when picking up your next oligo just give this form to anyone in MBCF and that oligo is free of charge.

More info on platelet donation here.


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