Labs at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


green Center fo the Prevention and Treatment of ER-Negative Breast Cancer

green Myles Brown Lab

green Alan D'Andrea Lab

green Mike Eck Lab

green David Fisher Lab

green Nick Haining Lab

green William Hahn

green Martin Hemler Lab

green Stan Korsmeyer Lab

green Shirley Liu Lab

green Tom Look Lab

green An Art Pardee Lab paper

green David Pellman Lab

green Nelly Polyak Lab

green Jerry Ritz Lab

green Barret Rollins Lab

green Rosalind Segal Lab

green Ramesh Shivdasani Lab

green Bruce Spiegelman Lab

green Marc Vidal Lab

green DFCI Scientific Report listing 167 labs with pics of the PI.


This is a list of labs at DFCI that have home pages with the following criteria:

1) There is a recent lab photo of everyone in the lab.
2) There is a description of the research.
3) The page is frequently updated.

If your lab at DFCI has a page that meets these three criteria please e-mail me a link so I can list it.
If you are planning on making a lab home page but haven't gotten around to it just send me a scanned image of the people in your lab and I'll show you how to do it.

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